My Body, My Boundaries for Early Childhood Families

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends parents teach children early and often that there are no secrets between them, and children should feel comfortable talking with their parents about anything – good or bad, fun or sad, easy or difficult. These conversations can be uncomfortable, but with the correct information and skills, families can successfully engage in these vital discussions. It is crucial that our children learn to use a strong voice regarding their rights, especially about their bodies, so they can grow up confident and safe. Young children need to be taught to say “NO” to bullying and abuse.  

My Body, My Boundaries Early Childhood Program teaches children about their bodies and staying safe. To implement this evidence-based curriculum, we partner with early childhood, community, and faith-based organizations. This program encourages ongoing healthy conversations at home by focusing on the following:

  • Correctly naming body parts
  • Understanding what physical boundaries are
  • Learning how to say “NO” to abuse and bullying
  • Feeling safe telling parents or teachers about uncomfortable situations
  • Discovering how to respect and love your own body

Our Community and Faith Partners

“Two weeks after the program, we visited my in-laws. Someone wanted a hug, and my daughter said, “I don’t have to hug if I don’t want to. You can have a high five.” – A dad who participated in the program with his 3-year-old daughter

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