Overview of Programs

Growing Up Knowing’s three signature programs share the common goals of 1) increasing communication between youth and parents/caregivers, 2) imparting accurate information to families, and 3) creating a culture of consent. We partner with afterschool organizations, early childhood centers, elementary schools, houses of worship, and other community organizations to implement our programs at no financial cost. Learn more about our programs below:

My Body, My Boundaries for Early Childhood Families: In less than an hour, families learn the correct names of body parts, what good and bad touch is, how to say “NO” to hugging or touching, and to tell a trusted adult when they feel unsafe. This program is geared more toward the parents/caregivers and is meant to be the start of a conversation to be continued at home.

My Body, My Boundaries for Elementary School Families: This one-hour program focuses on correctly naming body parts, identifying and discussing physical boundaries, how to report abuse to trusted adults, and how to say “NO” to abuse and bullying. This program has been translated to Spanish to meet the needs of a diverse community.

The ‘Tween Talk: Comprehensive Sex Education for Middle School Families: In four 2-hour sessions, families learn about reproduction and STI facts, the consequences of risky sexual behavior, pregnancy prevention techniques including abstinence and contraception, affirmative consent, problem-solving and decision-making skills, and how to effectively resist peer pressure.

Do you want to train to facilitate Growing Up Knowing’s signature programs? Submit an application here to be considered as a Growing Up Knowing Contract Facilitator. We will contact you when we recruit for our next cohort. Check out the job description and requirements here.

“Growing Up Knowing is the only organization that I know of in the area that approaches education about such a sensitive area of concern – human sexuality and boundaries – and includes the entire family.”

– Heather Hensarling, Senior Pastor at Wells United Methodist Church

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