My Body, My Boundaries for Elementary School Families

In today’s world there are vast amounts of bullying and abuse –  physical, emotional and sexual. It is crucial that our children learn to use a strong voice regarding their rights, especially about their bodies, so they can grow into strong, confident pre-teens, teenagers and adults. Children need to be taught to say “NO” to bullying and abuse. This program has been translated to Spanish as well.

The Growing Up Knowing elementary school curriculum teaches children about their bodies and gives them the knowledge and tools they need to stay safe and grow into healthy individuals. To implement this evidence-based curriculum, we partner with afterschool programs, schools, and community and faith-based organizations. This one-hour program inspires ongoing healthy conversations at home by focusing on:

  • correctly naming body parts
  • recognizing physical boundaries
  • saying “NO” to abuse and bullying
  • reporting abuse to trusted adults
  • successfully communicating between parents and children
  • respecting and loving your own body

The Mississippi Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a letter in support of My Body, My Boundaries for Elementary School Families. Read it here.

“As a child psychologist who unfortunately does a great deal of trauma work, I cannot say enough about the importance of early intervention and how this curriculum could prevent future sexual abuse. It empowers children with knowledge, validation, the courage to listen and act when they get an “icky” feeling, and a course of action to protect themselves. It gives parents the understanding of how to advocate and champion their child’s empowerment at home and in the community.”
– Dr. Danielle Wahba
Psychologist, MA, PsyD, BCPC, DAPA

“I would strongly encourage that all families take advantage and support this wonderful program and organization. There are talks about self-awareness/bodies, good/bad touches, and choices around good sexual health and education on a level that children understand and parents and caregivers should encourage. I have these conversations with my boys often but reinforcement is always helpful. Gone are the days of not talking about hard and tough issues with our children. I look forward to attending more programs that Growing Up Knowing offers in the future as my boys and I both grow.”

Quanikki Martin

My Body My Boundaries Past Participant
Community Engagement and Outreach Coordinator
STD/HIV Office
Mississippi State Department of Health

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